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Marching Through History


On the first weekend of October, come and see one of the largest timeline of history.
The Veterans Service Association presents its annual 'Marching Through History Expo' at the Prado Recreation Area, Euclid Avenue, City of Chino, east of the 71 Chino Valley Freeway.
This event presents a timeline of military history from the Roman Era through the Vietnam era.  Check out the fine display of equipment used by the various groups.  See the life style of the troops in the encampments.  Witness history being recreated for the enjoyment of the visitors.  Relive history as the groups portray battles from the various eras of history.  The event is free to the public, but there is a car entrance fee.
The Airborne Troops Arrive
1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
A World War II Philippino Veteran
Mr. Antonio Ortega and his son
Gary Harper and his tank
Marching Through History Exposition
TBA October 2012