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Contact Information

We Are Looking For Ladies and Men Who Want To Portray Our History . . 
Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers (W.E.S.T.) is currently seeking volunteers to portray the Soldados
from the following eras:  the Mexican War era - Californios, Mexicanos; the Border War eras - peasants,
outlaws, bandits, Mexicanos; the Spanish-American War era - Cubanos, Spaniards; and pre-World War I era -
Pancho Villa forces.  If you love the American Frontier, especially from the Latino/Mexican/Spanish viewpoint,
and want to learn more about life on the frontier or other eras, join us.  Uniforms are temporary available for loan
until the volunteer purchases his/her own outfit.
We hope to hear from those volunteers who are willing to spend alittle time in learning about the frontier forgotten in the books of American history.
To contact WEST via the U.S. Mail, write to:
P.O. Box 241, Rosemead, CA 91770
To contact WEST via the e-mail, just click the following link:  
To join Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers, click the following link:
To learn more about W.E.S.T., check out our main web site at: