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Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers

A Must Movie To See . . .

Rough Riders,
a 1997 TNT television miniseries directed by John Milius,
and featured Tom Berenger (Theodore Roosevelt),
Gary Busey (Joseph Wheeler),  Sam Elliott (Buckey O'Neill),
Dale Dye (Leonard Wood), Brian Keith (William McKinley),
George Hamilton (William Randolph Hearst),
and R. Lee Ermey (John Hay).


An interesting movie about the Spanish-American War and some of the personnel that became part of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, commonly known as Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. 

The Soldado Cubano
Luis Lopez Reyes de Larzaro Lopez de Camguey

Viva Cuba! 
Freedom for Cuba!

'I cultivate a white rose,
in July as in January,
for the sincere friend
who gives his hand frankly.
And for the enemy who
to rip out the heart
with which I live,
I cultivate
neither needle or thorn,
I cultivate a white rose.'
Who wrote this famous poem?
What does this poem mean?
Come out and ask me.

Movies to see . .
TNT's The Rough Riders
A movie about the Rough Riders and
the Spanish-American War 1898
(see article on the left)
Republic Pictures' Gone To Texas
Starring Sam Elliott - A true-life story
of Sam Houston, also covering the
other battles of the Texas Revolution
not mentioned in the history book
MGM's One Man's Honor
Starring Tom Berenger - A story of
Faith, Devotion, and the Fight for
Freedom - and the Saint Patrick
Battalion of the Mexican-American War
Books to read . .
The Texas Revolution, A Day-by-Day
Account, by Bob Boyd, published by
Standard Times - the title tells all
Echoes of the Mexican-American War,
by Libura, Moreno, and Mardquez,
published by Groundwood - the war
seen from both views points
The Philippine War 1899-1902, by
Brian McAllister Linn, published by
Kansas - first war fought by the United
States as a world power after the
Spanish-American War of 1898
W.E.S.T. Members portray different personnel from the Spanish-American War.