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Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers

Welcome to the home of SpanAmWEST - 
Spanish-American War & 
Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers

My name is Louis Lopez, president of Western Educators,
Shooters & Troopers, or WEST.  WEST is Southern
California's home to the Spanish-American War 1898. 

This site focus on the Spanish-American War 1898,
especially the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
Regiment, commonly known as the Rough Riders. 
I hope you enjoy the new look once it is completed.

A Living Historian

What is a 'living historian?'  How is a 'living historian' different from a
reenactor?  A person can play a part of history by putting on an outfit,
say a few words, and play a person from that era.  A 'living historian'
is a person who studies the era, learn about the era, and talks about
the history of the person or era being portrayed. 

A lot of study goes into the portrayal of the person or era.  I learned
about a town called Larzaro Lopez in Cuba of the Spanish-American
War era.  When recreating the Spanish-American War, I portray a 
Cubano from that town.  I talk about why the Cubans fought for and
against the United States.  I talk about a poem that will make you
look at war from different viewpoint.  I portray a person using my
inner feelings which visitors and crowds can react to. 

This is when I became a 'living historian.'  This is why I joined Western
Educators, Shooters & Troopers -  to become a 'living historian' who
wants to teach what I learned to others.

President and Leader of WEST
Lou Lopez
Want to take a walk through history? 
Then take a walk through this website. 
Learn about the Spanish-American War 1898. 
Learn about the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.
Learn about the war and its Civilians and troopers.
Learn about American history
through the world of re-enactment.
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Hope you enjoy our web site.