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Special Events


Special Events Attended by W.E.S.T. Members

Johnny Ribs in Bellflower
WEST at Johnny Ribs
Carlos Flores of Johnny Ribs in Bellflower welcomed the members of WEST for dinner.  The dinner was a first for WEST under its new leadership. 
Getting Ready for Dinner
Union Forever
Enjoying the WEST Dinner
At the dinner members
from the 80s and 90s
met the newer members
of WEST.  Everybody
enjoyed the time spent
together talking about
past events and the up
coming events. 

Memorial Day Salute
Los Angeles National Cemetary

Salute To The Heroes

The 2008 Rosemead OktoberFest

OktoberFest Color Guard

With its headquarters in Rosemead, WEST put on a special show for the city during its annual OktoberFest.

Contact WEST for further information on these events.