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Museums Of The Arroyo Day


is tentatively held on the third Sunday of May. 
The Museums Of The Arroyo Days is an open house event held in the City of Pasadena and the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.  Six museums open their doors to the public with each museum holding its own schedule of activities.  A shuttle transport the public to each of the five museums throughout the day.
The museums include The Gamble House, The Pasadena Historical Museum, The Loomus House, The Southwest Museum, The Police Museum, and The Heritage Square Museum.
WEST displays a SpanAm War encampment at the Heritage Square Museum.  The troopers presents the Colors to the public.  The public tries on the various equipment and marches side-by-side with the Rough Riders.  The troopers also entertain the public with 'skits' about life in the 'town' and at the encampment. 
The President and His Troopers
The famous leader of the Rough Riders, President Teddy Roosevelt, paid a visit to the encampment during the event.  The Boy Scouts (pictured below) were among the visitors that talked to the Troopers. 

Boy Scouts and Troopers

Trooper Robert
Photos of W.E.S.T. members participating
at the Heritage Square Museum's MOTA Days event.
The Troopers entaintain the crowd.
For further information on the Heritage Square Museum, check their web site at: