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Californio Ranchos

Life was good for the Californios during the Rancho era. 

Rancho Dominguez Adobe 
Located in Rancho Dominguez north of San Pedro,
this adobe was the center of the largest land grant
in California.  The adobe features numerous programs,
lectures, and displays throughout the year.  Pictures
below are several of the Living History programs held
yearly at the adobe.
Battle of the Old Woman's Gun

This event features the Californios first victory over
the Americans.  The event is usually held on the first
Saturday of October.  Check the adobe's website for
updated information on exact date and time.
Los Californios
Members of Washington Artillery
Living History Timeline 

This event featured the first living timeline of California's
history .  This programs was presented by Western
Educators, Shooters & Troopers.  WEST hopes to make
this program a yearly event.  Check the adobe's website
for updated information on future date and time.
Don Manuel Dominguez
Don Dominguez
portrayed by Luis Lopez
Rancho Dana Adobe 
Located in Nipomo north of Santa Maria, this area was part of the 37,000+ acre land grant given to William Dana by Govenor Juan B. Alvarado.  Numerous programs are given throughout the year.  Pictured below is a Living History program showcasing dinner life at the adobe.
Rancho Dana Adobe
Living History Dinner Program
Participants of the historic dinner at Dana Adobe:
William G. Dana - owner of 37,000+ acre land grant
Benjamin Foxen - guided American force around Californio ambush
Charles Nahl - painter of the bear on the Bear Flag
Henry Tefft - future husband of Dana's oldest daughter
Juan B. Alvarado - granted the land grant to Mr. Dana 
Andres Pico - brother of Pio de Jesus Pico
Rancho Sanchez Adobe 
This adobe is located in Montebello off Lincoln Avenue just above the Whittier Narrows Dam.  This adobe was the home of Don Juan Sanchez, who purchased the rancho for One Silver Dollar ($1).  The story is one worth listening too. 
Don Juan M. Sanchez
portrayed by Luis Lopez
To learn more about the Rancho era, check the following websites: